Sun Malabar General Trading L.L.C. has established to cater the needs of the Construction industry by providing scaffolding & form works and relied upon materials. Our team at Sun Malabar General Trading L.L.C. is one for the best among the industry in scaffolding and technical services. Sun Malabar General Trading L.L.C. provides great emphasis on product quality and rigorously following the quality assurance policy.

Sun Malabar General Trading LLC (SMGT) caters to the growing demand in new and replacement infrastructure needed of the construction sector.

We offer the full range of specialist engineering, construction and asset management expertise on major projects which include: Scaffolding, Form Works, Aluminium Profiles, Structural Steel.

Service Model Flexibility

We fully understand the complexities of the different service models such as ECI, EPC, EPCM, Design & Construct and Construct-Only-Procurement routes used globally by public and private sector clients across a wide range of sectors such as: Rail, Airports, Marine facilities & Ports, Water & Waste Water networks, Power generation & distribution, Roads & Bridges, Mining & Minerals handling, Oil & Gas, Highways, Bridges & Tunnels

SMGT Advantages

Our transparent and flexible approach ensures our ability to develop and work within the right contracting model to suit the particular project needs of the client. We are a reliable partner for the construction process in all phases of the project. We are at par with the international Contracting and Petrochemical Companies all over the GCC countries. SMGT gives great emphasis on product quality and rigorously adhere to quality assurance policy. The manufacturing facility is dedicated to the supply of its products to all operational locations. All our products are manufactured under strict compliance to the company’s Quality Management System in our own factories in India and China.  

With an increasing focus on providing industrial and urban infrastructure, that is delivered with a higher quality, economical and within time-frame.  We provide innovative processes and procedures to streamline and enhance construction projects through our world class quality management system incorporating an effective toolkit for de-risking a project through a set of standards and procedures that maximise performance. We have been delivering landmark projects since 1992, providing superior levels of control through ownership of extensive plant and equipment capabilities and our highly skilled direct workforce. This ensures projects to remain on the critical path avoiding costly delays and over-runs.  We manage infrastructure projects with a proven track record of delivering in challenging environments.

SMGT Expertise

SMGT has built an outstanding reputation in selective infrastructure markets based on developing distinctive engineering solutions that accelerate the construction process and deliver operational efficiencies to owners and end-users. We are enhancing this value proposition through greater adoption of manufacturing and pre-assembly techniques to create product sets that meet or exceed the expected quality and sustainability targets. Integral to our worldwide success is our commitment to open and collaborate partnerships through strategic alliances and joint ventures. Our strong and enduring relationships with international infrastructure providers and technology partners ensure the most effective project solutions delivered safely and sustainably.

Our Vision

We strive to be a leading enterprise that conducts business with integrity and delivers exceptional value to our customers, whilst maintaining a pleasant working environment that promotes productivity and profitability. This means we are committed to:

  • Meeting and exceeding customer requirements
  • Creating productive working environments
  • Achieving continuous, sustainable profit


Our Mission

To provide clients packaging requirements in safe, effective, innovative & high quality while acting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


Tom J Kim

Managing Partner

Sun Malabar General Trading LLC is a progressive and forward-thinking organization dedicated to the pursuit of global growth opportunities. With nearly two decades of experience in international business, we're experts in forging partnerships to improve performance, reduce costs, and build strong innovative businesses. As a Company, we strive to attain success in ways that reflect the integrity of the people we invest in as employees or as business partners. Our success is a direct result of our focus on people and their careers. Our history is a testament to our investment in innovators and our encouragement of their business. We continue to seek new opportunities for growth across geographies and industries. With a continued focus on entrepreneurial management, we maintain high standards of performance and accountability in all of our business.

I invite you to explore this site as a gateway into the business and relationships we have helped to create and continue to support. You'll discover the many ways that we are applying the knowledge we have been accumulating since 1992.

Santhosh Philip

 Managing Partner

It is with pleasure that I am welcoming you to the official web portal of Sun Malabar General Trading LLC. Thank you for your interest in Sun Malabar General Trading LLC. and we encourage you to explore our website. The ever-changing market demands are met with our combined strength in sound technical team management and efficient resource allocations for each project. At the heart of our company is a strong commitment to providing our clients world-class services distinguished by technical project management expertise.

We always look forward to hearing your feedback on “How we can be of service to you and your company” as we seek to fulfill our mission, which is to provide Quality Construction and Building Contracting Solutions while maintaining high standards of Quality, Safety, Environment and Value Engineering for the benefit of our clients, nation and society through professionalism, ethics and quality.

I reassure and express my gratitude to all my clients and well-wishers whom I consider as partners in the economic progress of GCC countries. At our web site, we welcome your comments and we are happy to respond to your requests for more information on us and how we can help you succeed.

Mohan K Nair

 Managing Director

We are a multi-level trading company, dealing in a variety of products. We ensure that our relation and loyalty exceed beyond the sale by giving exclusive attention to after-sales & service support. Our strength lies in our highly specialized, exhaustively trained staff, comprised of dedicated professionals from many disciplines working in unison to promote and uphold market standards. This has led us to where we stand today. Needless to say, the products we supply come trademarked with an assurance of excellence. Sun Malabar General Trading LLC is committed to its core values of integrity and trust. We have a broad base of satisfied customers and clients, built over the years, sustained on an axis of mutual respect and friendship. Sun Malabar General Trading LLC has adopted long-term growth and complete customer satisfaction as its credo, at the same time pursuing newer technologies quite professionally. This has ensured our high visibility in the region, especially in the GCC

As the Managing Director of Sun Malabar General Trading LLC, I accentuate my goal to develop further in the GCC region, making the company a dependable, trustworthy and consistent enterprise with a global perspective and unstained perfection, staying true to our vision, always.